November 03, 2007

TaG iM iT!

Ive been tagged by... well, alot of people!

-i would not be able to live if it wasnt for "sweetish fish", "heath bars", and "dr.pepper"!

-i have a SERIOUS problem with spending money! i just cant help myself!

-my most favorite movie of all times is "HAIRSPRAY"! i love musicals!

-im double-jointed in my thumbs. its weird!

-im allergic to just about everything

-i LOVE being in the car, i have no idea why!

and now i tag..... well nobody! becuz everyone has ALREADY been tagged! haha :)

November 02, 2007





i totaly forgot to blog about halloween! so here i go... it was alot of fun! we had a "hallelujah"(alternative to halloween)party! it was so funny, my friends at school and church didnt dress up but i did, i dressed up as "Dorothy" from the wizard of Oz and i looked like such a dork! haha, but at least i had fun... and got some CANDY!

October 12, 2007


Happy birthday to Brody! His birthday party was so much fun!

October 10, 2007


as much as i love love love school its always nice to have a break! sleeping in, movies, shopping, having fun with friends! whoo-hoo!

September 08, 2007

HiGh ScHoOl!

a couple weeks ago i started high school! and i LOVE it! i have lots of new friends and i love my school!

August 15, 2007


tonight my family and i are leaving to cali. to go get sarah! we are going to disneyland, visiting my grandma and grandpa, going to some of sarahs last concerts, and having a fun time! we'll be back on monday! and i start high school on tuesday!

August 07, 2007

mOrE hAiRsPrAy

about a week or so ago i took angel and my friend michelle to go see "Hairspray", they both loved it! and angel still to this day is singing the songs and doing the dances from the movie, she is so cute! (she even named her baby doll "Tracy") haha. and last sunday after church kristi, jade, lindsay, madaline and i went to go see Hairspray again. they loved it too. kristi and i have seen it three times already and we still love it and want to see it again! haha.

July 25, 2007


last sunday after church kristi and i went to the movies and saw Hairspray! we both loved it so much that right after we saw the movie we bought the soundtrack and we are both dying to see it again! its my new favorite movie! we are constantly listening to the cd, singing the songs and talking about our favorite parts from the movie! im even taking angel to see it tomorrow! she wants to see it really bad. i cant wait to see it again! i LOVED it!

June 18, 2007

Back from California!

yesterday we got back from california. we had a great time with our family! it was fun! and we got to watch kyle play his baseball games! i had a blast, but im glad we're home now. :)

May 21, 2007

April 18, 2007

S P R ! N G - F L ! N G

i am so excited! next friday (April 28) me and my church youth group are going to the annual SPRING FLING! its where A TON- and i mean A TON of christian kids/teens from all over utah and stuff all get together and stay up ALL NIGHT! everybody gets there at about 7:30 p.m. and then everybody goes home at 6:00 a.m. so we all stay up ALL NIGHT playing volley ball, basket ball, go swimming, making new friends, indoor rockclimbing, ice skating, fellowshiping, there is going to be a speaker, and a concert featuring a christian band called "eighteen hundred years behind", its going to be awesome! i cant wait! im so excited!

April 06, 2007


-Last Saturday our church youth group went SNOWBOARDING! not everyone from our youth group went though (some of them had work and stuff) but all of us that went had a ton of fun! and thanks to my best friend kristi, she helped me out alot! now i can snow board ALOT better! your the best Kristi! you and Sarah too! your both TOTALY AWSOME! LUV YA BOTH!!!-

.~*~.(part of) Calvary Chapel Utah Valley Youth Group.~*~.

.~*~.Me, Sarah K., & my Dad.~*~.

.~*~.Everybody Eating Lunch @ the Lodge.~*~.

.~*~.Everybody Eating Lunch @ the Lodge.~*~.

.~*~.My Best Friends.~*~.





.~*~.Brian & Sheila.~*~.

.~*~.My dad & Brian.~*~.

March 08, 2007

Kristi and Sarah

These are pictures of sarah and kristi recording their song for our music video!

February 26, 2007

February 21, 2007

fun @ classic skating!

on monday (presidents day) my mom, angel, kristi, michelle, sarah and i went skating @ classic skating. it was alot of fun and we got our pictures taken too!

(and if your wondering why i took up so much of the picture in the top one to the right, thats because we were all wearing our roller blades and i slipped and accidentally hit the "take picture" button... OOOPS! :))

February 14, 2007

Happy V-Day!!!

Happy valentines day everybody! May your day be full of chocolates and cute fuzzy little stuffed animals!! LOL.

February 05, 2007

a SuNdAy MoViE

sunday after church my mom, angel, kristi, michelle, sarah and i went to the dollar theaters in provo. we saw "Unacompanied Minors". its so funny! i loved it. i had been wanting to see it for a long time, and i finally got to. and im glad i did too!

Get Your Bowling Shoes On!!!

Last saturday i went bowling with the church youth group! it was ALOT of fun even though i REALLY stink at bowling (i only got 78 points). LOL. we met up at Brian and Olivia Johnson's house then met Calvary Chapel Mountain View's youth group at the bowling alley. they were very nice too! we all had a blast. and after all the bowling and fun all the girls had a sleepover at Kristi's house! F.U.N! :)

January 29, 2007


Saturday night we were going to have a sleepover at kristi's house. but first we had to go to worship practice with mom and papi before they could drop us off. so sarah, kristi and i kept Angel busy until they were done. then they dropped us off at her house. then her dad said that he was going to kristi's aunts house and asked if we wanted to come too. because one: it would be funner than sitting around the house with nothing to do. and two: SHE HAS A HOTTUB! so we got our swim suites on and got in the car. when we got there the hottub was at 109 degrees! i dont know about you, but for us it was pretty hot. but we got in anyways. and after a little bit it really started to hurt. so we got out and stood on the cement (which was freezing cold) so we just put our feet in the hottub instead. but after a couple minutes we just decided to get out. so we dried off and watched some t.v. and we finally got back to kristi's house at about 12:00- got our pajamas on and went to bed. it was another fun and funny day. :)

our SHORT/COLD day at the park

on friday kristi, sarah, and i went to the park. but it was FREEZING!!! while we were walking to the park the weather was okay. but once we got there it started getting REALLY windy, so we were only there for about 3 min. then we decided to walk back home. and on the way back it was so windy and cold. and we were all laughing because sarah was jumping, and running,and dancing just to stay warm. lol :) and kristi stuck her head in her jacket (she looked like a headless person. lol) and i held her arm and made sure she didnt fall. it was fun and funny... but VERY COLD!!!

January 25, 2007


.~*~.i was tagged by my mom, and kristi.~*~.

- if i have money i HAVE to spend it on anything and everything!

- i cant sleep without my humidifier on, the noise helps me fall asleep.

- i hate waking up early in the morning.

- i watch the disney channel show "Hannah Montana" when-ever it comes on, even if ive seen the same episode 10 times before.

- i cant just eat ONE cheeto. if i eat one... i have to eat the whole bag!

- i love to be in the car.

- i rearange the furnature in my room every other week, its just a habbit i have.

- i have a problem with buying lipgloss's, purses, and iTunes cards. i buy new ones about every other day. i cant help myself. :)

well, everybody i know has already been tagged, so... if your reading this- TAG UR IT!!!

January 22, 2007


on sunday after church me and michelle had a snow-ball fight in the church parking lot... i totaly won! lol. then we all went to chili's with the rest of our church and had a good time. cuz we are all like one big family:)then after chili's, lorraine took jade, sarah, luke, kristi and me sledding and snow-boarding. it was alot of fun. and really funny too! we all cramed onto one sled and went down a hill. then after about 2 hours or so (when it started getting dark) we went back to jade and lorraines house warmed up and watched some t.v. and ate some snacks. and after awhile lorraine took sarah, luke, kristi and me back to kristi and lukes house and we watched some more t.v. 'till our dads got home. it was a really fun day!!!:)

January 16, 2007

My Birthday Party!!!

FrOm LeFt 2 RiGhT -ToP:
Me, KrIsTi, MiChElLe, SaRaH (sis.).

fRoM lEfT 2 rIgHt -BoTtOm:
sHaRoN, jAdE, mAdIlYnE, sArAh.

i had a great birthday party with my friends! thank you every body!

January 12, 2007


today is my 15th birthday! this morning my mom woke me up with STARBUCKS! THANK YOU MOM!!! (i love starbucks!) then sarah gave me my present from her... a starbucks gift card! THANK YOU TOO SARAH!!! :o)
and then after lunch my mom took me shopping and i got really cute shirts and stuff. THANK YOU AGAIN MOM, I LOVE YOU ALOT!!! :o) U TOO SARAH!!! :o)

then later tonight when larry and sheila come over we are all going to have dinner then cake and stuff. and all that fun stuff. cuz my birthday party isnt until this sunday after church, with all my friends! im having a great birthday! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

.~*~.And LOTS of thanks to brian and olivia johnson for sarah's and my new guitar amp.! THANK YOU!.~*~.

January 02, 2007


1. become closer to God.
2. eat heathier food.
3. try harder in school.
4. keep my room clean.
5. not to be lazy.
6. practice playing the guitar at least everyother day.
7. watch less t.v.
8. get more active in sports and stuff.
9. make new friends.
10. become really good at skating.
11. start saving my money... ya right!

A Great Way 2 Start The New Year!

new years nite sarah, kristi, me & jade had a sleepover at kristi's house. it was alot of fun. after everyone left the party we played some board games, then decided to watch a movie, which (of coarse) we all fell asleep during. that next day we didnt wake up 'till 1:40 in the after noon. then woke up and watched t.v. while kristis dad made us breakfast. and after breakfast we all wanted to go do something fun, like.... skating! so we called classic skating to find out if they were open on new years day. and luckly they were! so we got dressed and headed off to the skating rink. it was so much fun! we got our pictures taken in the photo booth (as you can see). and we were there 'till about 8:30 then jades grandma picked her up and sarah, kristi, and i went back to kristis house and watched some more t.v. and thats when our dad showed up. but we stayed to eat some dinner, then watched some more t.v. while our dads talked, like they ALWAYS do. but we dont mind. that just means more time to hang out together! but then by about 10:00 we left. it was a great day!


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!! i had a great time bringing in the new year! with my family and friends! we went to the Burches's house to celebrate. playing board games, eating, watching movies, listening to music, playing guitar. then at 12:00 we went outside and watched fireworks and even did some of our own! but not like the sparkler stuff, they were ACTUAL fireworks! you know- the kind that go up into the sky and, like, explode! it was awesome... rite above us! it was so cool!!!!i think everyone there had a great time, i know i did! and i cant wait till next years new years party!!!

December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

happy birthday mom! i love you and hope you get better soon! :)

December 26, 2006


i had a great christmas! i got an electric guitar from my grandpa, a snow board from my mom and dad, and cute clothes from my aunts... THANK YOU! and candy, money, and other fun stuff too. but Christmas isnt about what other people give us, its about what GOD gave us... HIS SON JESUS!!! and thats the best gift we could ever get. :o)


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